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This year is on track to be Leif’s best trading year ever because of the Champion Team Trading platform. He founded Champion Team Trading to help him demonstrate his winning trading strategy in real time and collaborate with teammates. This dynamic platform suppresses all of the noise that devalues the conversation in most chat rooms through intelligent organization. It will become the go-to trade idea journal that you have been seeking. Improve your odds and Think Beyond The Pattern!

Leif Couldn't Find The Solution To Launch His Trading To The Next Level So He Built It!

Let Leif monitor the market's fluctuations for you while you go about your day. Get real time alerts, market insight, trading videos, and more directly to your phone or PC!

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One of Leif’s mentors taught him to avoid calling audibles. In other words, plan your trade and trade your plan because success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. Leif wants to challenge every idea on the platform before any trades are considered. Follow Leif's strategy in real time as he evaluates setups and social signals to gain the conviction necessary to execute at low risk entry points with clearly defined risk. More importantly, learn how and why his trading strategy reduces risk and preserves capital.

Leif Wants To Help You Learn How to Discover Rocket Stocks!

Leif only trades stocks with a Relative Price Strength rating of 90 or above that are exhibiting one of his preferred proven chart patterns. Even though many of the stocks that Leif trades are highly volatile he still considers himself a low risk trader as he excels at avoiding serious declines that can damage a trader's financial and emotional capital.

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2019 U.S. Investing Championship

In one of the most difficult years for breakout trading in recent memory, Leif Soreide won the U.S. Investing Championship. Trade wars and elevated market volatility didn't stop him from skillfully executing his proven trading strategy to become a champion.

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